Hong Kong wet markets

Day Day Fresh wet markets (Hong Kong)

Mainland wet markets

Wang On Majorluck Limited, an affiliate of Wang On Group, is one of the largest fresh market operators in Hong Kong. The Group developed two brands namely “Allmart“ and “Day Day Fresh” in Hong Kong and a brand of “Humin “ in mainland China. Through a one-stop fresh market operation, Wang On Majorluck always strives to bring customers fresh and high quality vegetables, fruit, seafood and meat every day.

There are 12 and 16 fresh markets under our operation and management in Hong Kong and mainland China respectively. In addition, the fresh markets at The Parkside mall and Lake Silver mall under “Day Day Fresh” are currently running a membership scheme offering regular discounts by a variety of events to its members, which further enhances customers’ shopping experience. There are approximately 14,000 members have registered the membership scheme as of December 2020.

Wang On Majorluck Limited will continue to improve the existing facilities of fresh markets and explore business opportunities, to further create value to the Group, stakeholders and the community.