Wang On Group Limited ("Wang On Group") (SEHK stock code: 1222) is principally engaged in activities comprising property development and investment, commercial management, pharmaceutical business, financial business and other investment. The Group becomes a renowned conglomerate throughout Hong Kong and mainland China.

The Group has been actively involved in the local property market with luxury and boutique residential projects. Wang On Properties (stock code: 1243) is now a spin-off and has been listing on SEHK since 2016. Key development projects include luxury residential "Meister House" and "Godi" as well as the boutique “The Met.” Series.

In respect of property investment, the Group developed Ginza-style commercial property “LADDER” Series and participated in acquisition of ready-made properties through sales and lease to diversify its business.

Starting from 1996, the Group diversified its business by actively engaged in Chinese wet market and property management, establishing the new-generation Chinese wet market brand “Allmart”, which offers convenient, hygienic and quality experience through its hallmarked bright, clean and comfortable shopping environments. Being one of the largest leasing operators of Chinese wet markets in Hong Kong, the Group also introduced its modernised operation model to mainland China and successfully established the wet markets under “Huimin” brand.

The Group successfully tapped into the lucrative pharmaceutical business. In the period of 2001 and 2003, the Group had acquired two renowned pharmaceutical brands, namely Wai Yuen Tong and Madame Pearl's, under the operation of Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Holdings Limited (stock code: 897) which was listed on SEHK. Pharmaceutical and healthcare products of the two brands are available in local and overseas markets nowadays, exerting synergistic effect and gaining market share through the diversified international business.

Wang On Group also expanded to financial services segment. PNG Resources was listed in 2002 and renamed as Easy One Financial Group Limited (stock code: 221), providing a full range of financial services including mortgage and personal loans. Focusing on mainland business, China Agri-Products Exchange Limited (stock code: 149) is mainly engaged in property management and sales of agricultural produce exchange markets.

Our flexible and experienced management team will continue to strengthen our core businesses, uphold prudent as well as forward-looking investment strategies, and commit to sustainable development in order to strengthen our reputation for years that benefits our diversified businesses internationally.

Mr. Tang Ching Ho