Hong Kong has always been the place we care about and treasure most as it has been our home base for 35 years.

In 1987, capitalizing on the opportunities arising from the Hong Kong government’s active promotion of public rental housing and Home Ownership Scheme, I founded Wang On Group to engage in the constructio business, which laid the foundation for our real estate development business. In the past 35 years, Wang On Group had been growing in tandem with Hong Kong, showing concern for its people by providing quality products and services. To ensure lasting and sustainable business development, we spare no effort in managing our existing business, by paying meticulous attention to every aspect.

To many, dining at home is an integral part of life. We were the first to introduce a modern professional management approach in wet market management, with the aim to optimise wet market operation and shopping environment. While leading the local market sector to a new milestone, we have also become one of the largest leasing operators of Chinese wet markets in Hong Kong. In this regard I would like to thank my media friends for giving me the title of "King of Wet Market".

In addition, we are also actively exploring and developing businesses that are closely related to the well-being of the public. One of the most important aspects is health. In this area, we have extended the scope of business to the Chinese and Western medicine industry. Through "Wai Yuen Tong", a brand with 125-year history, we hope to provide the best quality medicines to enhance the health of the public.

Wang On Group was listed in 1995. It spun off and completed a separate listing of Wang On Properties in 2016. Wang On Properties maintains independence in its operation, with an aim to seek new opportunities and possibilities. Over the years, we have been actively involved in the local property development business and have upheld the idea of “A Passion for Tomorrow” through the painstaking selection process of materials, ingenuity of design and meticulous sales planning, coupled with accurate brand positioning. These efforts have resulted in the creation of our two major project series, "the met.", a series of boutique residential buildings, and "LADDER" a series of Ginza-styled commercial buildings, which have become local modern lifestyle indicators. I also believe that only by building from the "heart" and with "love" can Wang On Properties stand out from the many real estate developers.

We are also aware of the community's growing demand for starter homes in recent years. We hope to help the younger generation realize their dreams of purchasing a home, and therefore we have started to engage in mortgage business. In the future, we will establish a platform featuring one-stop financial and investment for clients to invest. As a listed company, we have adopted a standardized management model and a prudent risk management system, thus making our operations transparent. Moreover, our professional team, which comprises specialists from various large financial institutions, as well as market experience, big data analytics and risk management tools together can assure client confidence.

Wang On Group has gradually developed into a leading conglomerate. Looking ahead, I would like to ask our staff to work together and leverage their expertise, to further expand our businesses, in terms of geographical coverage and scope of operation, to create greater returns for investors and to strive for the betterment of Hong Kong. I sincerely believe that the key to success of Hong Kong and Wang On Group is to put heart and soul into what we do.

Tang Ching Ho