Our Vision

Achieving Dreams Together with Love

Wang On Group aims to connect people to their daily lives by providing the public with comfortable homes, quality healthcare services, and a diverse range of food supplies. We strive to take care of people's daily necessities while also working towards a sustainable future.

Community Contributions
We are committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. For many years, we have donated and provided support to various charitable organizations such as Hong Kong New arrivals Services Foundation Limited, The Community Chest of Hong Kong, Yan Oi Tong, and other NGOs to meet the needs of the community and stakeholders. In particular, we offer scholarships and provide job opportunities to underprivileged and new immigrant families' children. We strongly encourage all of our employees to actively participate in public welfare activities. Our staff members personally teach various skills and share their experiences to assist the needs of disadvantaged communities. Through these efforts, we aim to promote a caring spirit and make progress together across different levels of society.
Employee Care
We care about the personal growth and physical and mental health of our employees. In addition to providing an ideal working environment, we offer diversified training, encourage lifelong learning, and invite employees' families to participate in company activities through a series of sports and family-friendly measures. This not only promotes the relationship between employees and their families but also strengthens the sense of belonging among colleagues and establishes a caring culture.
Towards a Sustainable Future
We are firmly committed to promoting stakeholder involvement in sustainable development. To reduce our impact on the environment, we implement environmental management policies, establish guidelines, monitoring mechanisms, and specific measures that cover the management of emissions, resource use, and the three primary areas of the environment and natural resources. Additionally, we participate in various sustainable development activities, such as waste recycling programs and health workshops, to create a favorable environment for physical and mental health.